Year  Category  Platform(s) Publications
2022 Interne CRMN
Aleksis Rihards, Nedumkandathil Reji, Papawassiliou Wassilios, Carvalho José P, Jaworski Aleksander, Haussermann Ulrich, Pell Andrew J.
Probing the electronic structure and hydride occupancy in barium titanium oxyhydride through DFT-assisted solid-state NMR
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics #
doi : 10.1039/d2cp04675j
2022 Collaboration LCP-A2MC
Geantet Christophe, Laurenti Dorothée, Guilhaume Nolven, Lorentz Chantal, Borghol Ilef, Bujoli Bruno, Chailleux Emmanuel, Checa Ruben, Schramm Sébastien, Carré Vincent, Aubriet Frédéric, Queffélec Clémence
FT-ICR MS characterization of bio-binders for road pavement from HTL of microalgae residues
10 107361
doi : 10.1016/j.jece.2022.107361
2022 Collaboration LCP-A2MC
Benchohra Amina, Séjourné Simon, Labrunie Antoine, Miller Liam, Charbonneau Enzo, Carré Vincent, Aubriet Frédéric, Allain Magali, Sallé Marc, Goeb Sébastien
Controlling Chiral Self-Sorting in Truxene-Based Self-Assembled Cages
Inorganics #7
doi : 10.3390/inorganics10070103
2022 Interne LCP-A2MC
Maia Marisa, Carré Vincent, Aziz Aziz, Jeandet Philippe
Molecular Localization of Phytoalexins at the Micron Scale: Toward a Better Understanding of Plant-Phytoalexin-Pathogen Dynamics
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry #30
70 9243-92452022/08/03
doi : 10.1021/acs.jafc.2c04208
2022 Collaboration UMR 7177 INC
Chowrira Bhavishya, Kandpal Lalit, Lamblin Mathieu, Ngassam Franck, Kouakou Charles-Ambroise, Zafar Talha, Mertz Damien, Vileno Bertrand, Kieber Christophe, Versini Gilles, Gobaut Benoit, Joly Loïc, Ferté Tom, Monteblanco Elmer, Bahouka Armel, Bernard Romain, Mohapatra Sambit, Prima Garcia Helena, Elidrissi Safaa, Gavara Miguel, Sternitzky Emmanuel, Da Costa Victor, Hehn Michel, Montaigne François, Choueikani Fadi, Ohresser Philippe, Lacour Daniel, Weber Wolfgang, Boukari Samy, Alouani Mebarek, Bowen Martin
Quantum Advantage in a Molecular Spintronic Engine that Harvests Thermal Fluctuation Energy
Advanced Materials #n/a
n/a 2206688
doi : 10.1002/adma.202206688
2022 Collaboration ICP
Nieuwjaer N, Beydoun A, Lecomte F, Manil B, Scuderi D, Desfrancois C
Ligand-protected gold nanoclusters probed by IRMPD spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calculations
doi : 10.1016/j.jms.2021.111562
2022 Hors-Collaboration ICP
Corinti D, Maccelli A, Chiavarino B, Schutz M, Bouchet A, Dopfer O, Crestoni ME, Fornarini S
Cation-pi Interactions between a Noble Metal and a Polyfunctional Aromatic Ligand: Ag+(benzylamine)
doi : 10.1002/chem.202200300
2022 Interne CBMN-IECB
Goncalves R., Castaing N., Richeval C., Ducint D., Titier K., Morvan E., Grélard A., Loquet A., Molimard M.
Methoxpropamine (MXPr) in powder, urine and hair samples: Analytical characterization and metabolite identification of a new threat
Forensic Science International #
333 111215
doi : 10.1016/j.forsciint.2022.111215
2022 Collaboration
UMR 7334 IM2NP
Soriano L., Pilone O., Kuz'Min M.D., Vezin H., Jeannin O., Fourmigué M., Orio M., Bertaina S.
Electron-spin interaction in the spin-Peierls phase of the organic spin chain (o -DMTTF) 2X (X =Cl, Br, I)
Physical Review B #6
doi : 10.1103/PhysRevB.105.064434
2022 Interne CBMN-IECB
Morvan Estelle, Kauffmann Brice, Grélard Axelle, Loquet Antoine, Dixon Anne-Julie, Dufourc Erick J., Rontein Denis
Natural crystalline fibers of (E)-(R)-4-thujanol: green kilogram production from a selected wild thyme. X-ray and NMR characterization of a spiral structure
Industrial Crops and Products #
187 115451
doi : 10.1016/j.indcrop.2022.115451