Year  Category  Platform(s) Publications
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Salager E., Stein R. S., Pickard C. J., Elena B., Emsley L.
Powder NMR crystallography of thymol
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics #
11 2610-2621
doi : 10.1039/b821018g
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Salager E., Stein R. S., Steuernagel S., Lesage A., Elena B., Emsley L.
Enhanced sensitivity in high-resolution H-1 solid-state NMR spectroscopy with DUMBO dipolar decoupling under ultra-fast MAS
Chemical Physics Letters #
469 336-341
doi : 10.1016/j.cplett.2008.12.073
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Sarou-Kanian V., Rollet A. L., Salanne M., Simon C., Bessada C., Madden P. A.
Diffusion coefficients and local structure in basic molten fluorides: in situ NMR measurements and molecular dynamics simulations
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics #
11 11501-11506
doi : 10.1039/b912532a
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Sokolov F. D., Babashkina M. G., Fayon F., Rakhmatullin A. I., Safin D. A., Pape T., Hahn F. E.
Novel bicyclic hexanuclear copper(I) aggregate: Structure and solid state P-31 CPMAS NMR spectra of (Cu3L3)(2) and Cu(PPh3)(2)L complexes of N-(diisopropoxythiophosphinyl)-N '-phenylthiourea (HL)
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry #
694 167-172
doi : 10.1016/j.jorganchem.2008.10.010
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Vyalikh A., Costa F. R., Wagenknecht U., Heinrich G., Massiot D., Scheler U.
From Layered Double Hydroxides to Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Nanocomposites-A Solid-State NMR Study
Journal of Physical Chemistry C #
113 21308-21313
doi : 10.1021/jp9069338
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Vyalikh A., Massiot D., Scheler U.
Structural characterisation of aluminium layered double hydroxides by Al-27 solid-state NMR
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance #
36 19-23
doi : 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2009.04.002
2009 Interne CEMHTI
Zogal O. J., Florian P., Massiot D., Paluch S., Shitsevalova N., Borshchevsky D. F.
B-11 and Y-89 MAS NMR and magnetic characterization of YB4
Solid State Communications #
149 693-696
doi : 10.1016/j.ssc.2009.02.019
2009 Interne IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Amniai L., Barbier P., Sillen A., Wieruszeski J. M., Peyrot V., Lippens G., Landrieu I.
Alzheimer disease specific phosphoepitopes of Tau interfere with assembly of tubulin but not binding to microtubules
FASEB Journal #
23 1146-1152
doi : 10.1096/fj.08-121590
2009 Interne IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Amoureux Jean-Paul, Hu Bingwen, Trébosc Julien, Wang Qiang, Lafon Olivier, Deng Feng
Homonuclear dipolar decoupling schemes for fast MAS
Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson. #
35 19-24
doi : 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2008.10.006
2009 Interne IMEC-ISB-UCCS
Amoureux J. P., Trébosc J., Delevoye L., Lafon O., Hu B., Wang Q.
Correlation NMR spectroscopy involving quadrupolar nuclei
Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson. #
35 12-18
doi : 10.1016/j.ssnmr.2008.11.004